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Alcohol Extraction - Simply Superior 

General Alcohol Extraction

Our techniques utilize food grade ethanol to perform raw plant extractions.  This extraction technique can be performed at varying temperatures depending on the desired end product. 

Alcohol extraction is effective, efficient, and easy to handle.  The FDA classifies ethanol as "Generally Regarded as Safe," or GRAS, meaning that it is safe for human consumption.  It is commonly used as a food preservative, and is found in many products that we consume everyday.


After the extraction, we take measures to remove the ethanol from the resulting concentrate, ensuring the lowest level of trace ethanol that is possible.

Warm Alcohol Extraction

Performing the extraction with room temperature or heated ethanol produces a "Whole Plant Extraction," or WPE.  A WPE contains all ethanol-soluble components of the plant, including many waxes, lipids, and phytochemicals.  This process is the basis behind producing "Rick Simpson Oils," known as RSOs.  These products are typically used as topicals, as the WPE typically has an undesirable taste when ingested.

Cold Alcohol Extraction

Performing the alcohol extraction at sub-zero temperatures allows for a more selective extraction, and specifically targets cannabinoids and terpene profiles.  When performed correctly, this techniques eliminates components such as chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids from the resulting concentrate.  The resulting oil is considered a full spectrum concentrate, and can be used in many forms such as topicals and tinctures.

Further Refinement

Extracts produced from a cold ethanol extraction can be further refined to produce distillate and isolate products.  These techniques can produce concentrates that do not contain THC.  These products can be used in THC-free tinctures.

Third Party Testing

At many different points throughout the refinement process, our products are shipped to a third party testing facility to ensure the purity and safety of our products.  Along with full cannabinoid profiles, our samples undergo testing for terpene profiles, residual solvents, pesticides, and heavy metals.  The laboratory results are readily available to ensure both safety and transparency.  Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and confident that we are supplying the best possible product for you and your loved ones.

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