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Through extensive research to determine the correct dosage for the Equine industry, Puriti is pleased to offer our THC Free CBD tincture specifically for horses. We use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil due to its perfect balance of Omega's 3, 6 and 9. With our equine extract you don't pay for "fillers" you don't need resulting in a very affordable CBD product for your animal. Our full Puriti Labs Hemp Extracts are truly "seed to shelf" products. We start by utilizing hemp from Puriti Labs contracted North Carolina Farmers who are registered with the State of North Carolina to grow hemp. All of our extracts are processed at our own laboratories including full spectrum and our isolate products. Currently we offer two kinds of hemp extracts: full spectrum (contains THC) and CBD Isolate (does not contain THC). Full Spectrum extracts contain all of the plants cannabinoids (over 100). Full spectrum hemp extracts contain THC and are NOT recommended for those subject to drug testing for THC. Our CBD Isolate extracts only have the cannibinoid cannabidiol "CBD". All other cannabinoids including THC have been removed making our CBD isolate products the choice CBD products for those subject to drug testing, athletes, first responders, essential workers or anyone subject to drug testing for THC or those who simply wish to avoid consuming THC.


All of our products are third party laboratory tested by a DEA, ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. As every batch of products have a different exact potency, we print the actual potency of each product below the lot number. The QR Code links directly to the complete laboratory results.

Equine Omega Plus THC Free Hemp CBD Extract 45 Day Supply 1500mg, 60mL

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