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Our all new white cotton masks offer a great alternative to disposable masks that are filling up our landfills.  With so many people in the U.S and abroad wearing face masks on a daily basis, our new 3-ply cotton masks offer a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative.  Each mask is made with 3 layers of moisture wicking cotton.  These masks are one-size fit most and the heavy duty construction allows you to stretch the mask for larger faces without fear of ripping it apart.  We recommend washing this mask up to 20 times before discarding.  Since the average person wears a new mask each day, this new cotton mask also offers a great value.  This item is not certified for medical use. This item is not a substitute for a N-95 particle mask. 


Key features

•Moisture Wicking cool comfort breathable cotton
•3-ply protection
•Washable & reusable
•One size fits most


How to Wash a Cloth Face Covering

Face Masks, 3-ply, 2 pack

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